Andean Explorer

Andean Explorer

Rekindling the romance of the rails in Peru, Andean Explorer, a Belmond Train, is South America’s first luxury sleeper train. One- and two-night journeys see guests gliding high across the Andean plains between Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, and the white city of Arequipa. The train climbs to an altitude of 4,300 metres.

Unique off-train activities include adventures on Lake Titicaca, home to the unique Uros floating islands, and to the Sumbay Caves, decorated with ancient etchings. A stop at La Raya, one of the highest markets in the world, allows guests to browse stalls brimming with handicrafts.

Sixteen midnight-blue carriages accommodate just 48 passengers. Contemporary, Andean-inspired interiors embrace Peruvian motifs, hand-woven textiles and soft alpaca wool. Cabins are personal sanctuaries, each with private ensuites. A choice of Bunk Bed Cabins, Twin Bed Cabins and Suite Cabins caters to all needs.

Gastronomic cuisine is a highlight of every journey. Vibrant dishes, prepared on board by expert chefs, make seasonal Andean ingredients king. The Piano Bar Car is a convivial space for afternoon tea and cocktails as majestic landscapes unfold outside. The Observation Car’s open deck offers fresh, crisp air and bewitching panoramas of the majestic La Raya mountains. In the Spa Car, customised pampering takes place in three luxurious treatment rooms. Reviving rituals harness the power of local herbs and botanicals.

For an all-embracing Peruvian experience, journeys can be tailored to incorporate stays at Belmond’s exceptional hotels in Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Colca Canyon.

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